Holiday Events in Lake Forest, IL

The holiday season is upon us, and this means that there are many holiday events to attend. If you’re in the Lake Forest area, there are plenty of events that you and your family may wish to visit. Come along and take part in one of these experiences to have a more memorable and enjoyable holiday season.

9 Great Holiday Events in Lake Forest, IL

Santa Clause with a child
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Below are some of the best holiday events happening in or near Lake Forest this holiday season:

1. Visit Santa

One of your first thoughts when you think of the holidays, is probably Santa. Luckily for us, Santa is going to be making his way around Lake County throughout the holiday season. You and your children can find him at locations such as Santa’s Wonderland at the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World, Lake Forrest’s 38th Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony and the Christmas Parade and Tree Lighting in Antioch. You can also travel over to Gurnee Mills if you’d like to have your picture taken with him.

The Lake County website has more information about where and when you can find Santa this year.

2. Buy a Christmas Tree

Another common event around the holidays is finding your own Christmas tree. If you’re looking to cut down a real tree, there are many places near Lake Forest where you can do this such as the Gengel Tree Farm or the u-cut Sullivan Family Tree Farm, both in Lake Villa. For those of you who prefer artificial trees, there are several places to buy them. A good place to start is Treetime Christmas Creations, which has a wide range of sizes and styles available. 

Once again, the Lake County website provides some great suggestions on where to get your tree, whether you want a real or an artificial one.

3. Grandpa Ho-Ho’s Holiday Hideaway at Lindy’s Landing

If you’re looking for a great outdoor holiday event this season, you must stop by  Grandpa Ho-Ho’s Holiday Hideaway in Lindy’s Landing . This event will have wall-to-wall decor, live music and a holiday cocktail menu, plus fun and games for the whole family. And even though the event is outside, there will be heaters for the tent to help keep you warm. Grandpa Ho-Ho’s Holiday Hideaway takes place every week until the end of the year on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Stop by to enjoy some fun holiday cheer with your neighbors.

4. It’s a National Lampoon Christmas Exhibit at Volo Museum

Are you a fan of the National Lampoon holiday movies? If so, you must check out the new Christmas exhibit at Volo Museum. This new exhibit will feature props from the movies, including the famous 1959 Corvette from “Animal House” and the Family Truckster from “Vacation” and ???Christmas Vacation.” There are many other items in this Christmas display, so go and spend a day at the museum and get a close look at some pieces of movie history.

5. Holiday Book Chat

For those of you who love books, stop by the Holiday Book Chat at the Lake Forest Library. This event takes place on December 1st, from 7 to 8pm and is a great time to chat with your local librarians about all things books! Get some great recommendations for what to read around the holiday season or for gifts that your loved ones might enjoy. The event is free to attend, so go and spend a cozy evening at your local library.

6. A Very Electric Christmas at Genesee Theatre

“A Very Electric Christmas” at the Genesee Theatre in Waukegan, is the perfect family event. Adults and kids alike will enjoy this captivating show, where life-size characters perform in the dark while illuminated by neon wires. Watch as the North Pole comes to life with glow-in-the-dark artistry and enjoy a heartwarming holiday tale at the same time. This event takes place on Friday, December 2nd, at 7:30pm, so book your tickets soon if you want to attend.

7. TBOX | Chicago’s 26th Annual Santa/Xmas Crawl

On December 10th, witness one of the world’s largest Christmas bar crawls. Anyone can attend the bar crawl, but if you want some special perks, sign up for advanced tickets through TBOX. This ticket will get you breakfast, gift cards to use on the bar crawl, drink specials and Santa hats. If you want to spend the day drinking and partying around Chicago, this is the best way to enjoy the bar crawl.

8. Adults Night Out: Holidaze

Who says that the zoo is only for kids? Leave your kids at home and attend a holiday party at the Lincoln Park Zoo. This party will have a live DJ, multiple bars located throughout the zoo and unique talks about the zoo animals. There will also be plenty of food on hand and no crowds, so you’ll be able to browse the zoo at your leisure. This is a great night out for adults during the holiday season and a great way to support the Lincoln Park Zoo.

9. New Year’s Eve Eve

Since kids may have a hard time staying up until midnight on New Year’s Eve, consider taking them to the New Year’s Eve Eve event at the Station 34 Pizza Pub in Mount Prospect. This kid-friendly event features music, entertainment, food and a mid-day balloon drop so that your kids can celebrate New Year’s as well. The event takes place on Friday, December 30th, from 10am to 2pm. Put it on your calendar now so that you don’t forget!

Prepare Financially for the Holidays

While the holidays are supposed to be a time of fun with family and friends, they can also, unfortunately, put a strain on our budgets. Between presents, parties and travel, many of us end up spending more than we can afford. Not only that, but as the year is coming to a close, this is your last chance to get your finances in order for the year.

If you want to make the holiday season more enjoyable, Pasquesi Sheppard LLC is here to help. We offer accounting services to individuals and businesses alike so that you can properly manage your money. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you through this holiday season.