Financial Planning In Chicago, IL

Financial planning is crucial throughout every stage of a person’s life, from birth to retirement.

At Pasquesi Sheppard LLC, you’ll find accountants and financial consultants to help you with taxes, auditing, bookkeeping, and many other financial services.

Regardless of what stage you are in or if you’re looking for personal planning or business consultation, we can help.

Our team of partners has a mission to provide high-quality service and works closely with every client on any service provided. You will find optimal, timely results when choosing our services, and we specialize in establishing long-term relationships with our clients.

Making Long-Term Financial Decisions Alongside Experts

We value longevity and duration as it helps our clients build trust in our services and allows us to better understand long-term goals and financial patterns. Business owners, nonprofit organizations, and individuals looking to invest will find a variety of services from our staff. We pride ourselves on the work we accomplish with companies and organizations, especially as it relates to companies that include fiscal matters in their governance and operational decisions. The experience, expertise, and accessibility of our partners make us an excellent match for strategic financial processes and decision making.

What Is Financial Planning?

We don’t merely provide a service; we work hard alongside your organization or company to ensure long-term success and fiscal health. Financial planning and analysis don’t simply mean a one-time tax filing or reviewing your chart of accounts or income statements.

Our family office here at Pasquesi Sheppard LLC will assist you this year and every year with:

  • Tax planning
  • Audits
  • Income tax preparation
  • Estate planning
  • Accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial forecasting
  • Mergers and acquisitions

We will cover these services in more depth, but prior to our first meeting together, consider what your short and long-term goals are for your estate or business.

Personal Financial Planning Services

Consider Pasquesi Sheppard as a concierge of financial and household services as it relates to your fiscal health, overall functioning, day-to-day tasks, and long-term planning.

Our clients can use us for big-picture plans, but we also provide essential services for your operations, including accounts payable and receivable, bill paying, payroll processing, and financial assistance. Our team can support your human resources operations with matters including travel arrangements, hiring and enrollment of employees, and domestic support.

Since we focus our efforts on tax consulting, any other work provided will benefit your financial forecasting and follow state and federal guidelines.

Collaboration and Coordination of Financial Services

We are able to support your office with ours but don’t require the major significant investment or infrastructure of a large independent firm. Instead, we focus on a family-like model and tailor services to our individual clients.

We are always happy to collaborate and coordinate alongside your attorneys, financial advisors, bankers, insurance agents, and other services as needed to achieve results and your goals.

We tailor our services to fit the needs of each family. We will coordinate with your current financial advisers, attorneys, bankers, and insurance agents to ensure that you achieve your desired financial interests. These services include tax planning or preparation, estate planning, financial forecasting, personal or partnership accounting, trust fund recommendations, bill payment, travel arrangements, contract negotiation or writing, insurance changes or updates, financial preparation services statement, and investment account reconciliation.

Income Tax Preparation and Tax Planning

The financial planning process can seem daunting especially when looking at various tax issues and account consolidation.

For high net worth individuals or accounts, income taxes can become exceptionally complicated and take hours and hours of planning and research. Our partners have diverse experiences in managing and completing income taxes. They will happily support your efforts, so you still receive the greatest benefits upon submitting to the IRS or your state and local authorities. If preparing your income taxes feels time-consuming, let us assist you with our qualified professionals and make the most of your time and money.

Even if you have experience in filing or doing tax calculations, the time and efforts of reviewing documentation can take an immense amount of effort. Our partners can decide which receipts are necessary, what documentation is needed, and avoid making costly or expensive mistakes. Tax returns and financial statement preparation require expertise, research, and time, something Pasquesi Sheppard is well-versed in from our first-hand experiences. Our professional tax preparation services will help you to navigate the system and avoid the expenditures of additional audits or scrutiny from governmental evaluations.

Planning for Accounting, Estate Planning, and Audits

Our approach will support you and highlight your strengths and weaknesses to help in projecting your financial limits and possibilities.

We have a clear organizational structure and accounting process that is designed to uphold your business regardless of industry or operational restrictions. Our comprehensive management approach will reveal your weak spots, whether it is in an accounting system, financial statement, or profit margins.

Companies who work with us improve their financial literacy, forecast better results due to our input, and can provide their management with the essential performance metrics and tools to improve every year.

Every client receives a unique, tailored approach from our partners that reviews you or your company’s personal objectives. With our insight, you will have a better understanding of your financial projections, income statements, and a robust estate plan or business model.

For high net worth individuals, estate planning can be a major concern, but Pasquesi Sheppard can assure you that all debts will be met, payroll maintained, and your chart of accounts in good hands. Your financial forecasting can only improve by hiring us to review your mergers, acquisitions, bookkeeping, and overall strategy.

Achieving Financial Success

As you go about approaching your income tax statements, estate plans, financial planning, or annual projections, you’ll find complications and guidance are essential for success.

We are happy to work with you as you look at your organizational hierarchy and structures and can provide insights into your future plans.

Our partners look forward to working with you and your family business or estate and ensure a successful model and strategy due to our background and experience

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