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Does preparing your income taxes for yourself or for your small business feel complicated and time-consuming? 

Even if you’re good with calculations, you might still spend hours shuffling through documentation, receipts, and other account information trying to decide what information needs to be on your preparation forms. Any mistake you make on your taxes could cost you in the long run. Instead, consider using our professional tax preparation and accounting services services to help you navigate the tax system.

Let Us Prepare Your Taxes

tax preparation services

Our comprehensive approach to tax services connects you with friendly and knowledgeable tax advisors who address all of your tax planning and preparation questions. Tax legislation is changing consistently, and we are committed to evaluating the most efficient methods to reduce your tax liability. When we prepare your taxes, you get more than a team of accounting and tax professionals—you get individuals who want to make sure you can take full advantage of any tax incentives that you qualify for in your specific situation.

We offer personalized communication with you and your family about tax preparation services. We want to know how our expertise can meet your specific needs every time. Choosing Pasquesi Sheppard means choosing expertise, friendship, and loyalty to what you need while obeying all tax laws.

When you hire the certified professionals at Pasquesi Sheppard, we take a detailed approach to planning and preparing your taxes all year long, which puts you in the best position to maintain your financial goals.

How Our Team Can Help You

Our expertly trained professionals have a detailed knowledge of current tax laws to help with the preparation and planning of your taxes. They implement the best strategies to handle tasks like maximizing tax deductions, reducing estate tax, providing for employee benefit plans, deferring income, subjecting income to lower tax rates, and transferring ownership to the next generation. They understand all of your income tax needs and will file your taxes in a timely manner to prevent interest charges and expensive penalties incurred from late or unknown filing requirements.

Most working citizens report their income and file a tax return each year. The process may cause you stress, but if you keep organized records and listen to professional advice about how to make the most of your money, you may begin to find that tax time is rewarding. Our team wants to make you feel comfortable filing your taxes and communicating your financial needs.

If you have special circumstances, you may not be fully aware of the way tax codes have changed each year. We can make sure you stay up to date on these changes and ensure your taxes are in compliance with state and federal tax laws.

What kind of circumstances can affect your taxes? Here are a few that may apply to you:

  • Capital asset transactions
  • Real estate transactions
  • Trust fund transactions
  • Your marital status has changed
  • Your income and residence are not in the same state or country
  • You started, own, or sold a business
  • Your investments contain many losses or gains
  • You need to complete a Schedule SE form for self-employment income

Once you decide to outsource your tax preparation and planning to Pasquesi Sheppard, we can help you organize all of your relevant tax information, documents, receipts, and other paperwork to help you confirm that your tax return is accurate.

How Can Our Tax Preparation Services Benefit You?

Here are some benefits we can offer individuals who use our tax preparation services:

  • We save you time. It takes about 16-22 hours to file your own taxes each year on average. This includes the time it takes to keep records, organize, complete forms, and file the return. When you let us help you with your taxes, it can save you a great deal of time each year.
  • We may save you money. Although professional tax preparation services aren’t free, it’s important to consider the ways we can save you money on your return. Tax professionals may identify possible deductions and credits that you qualify for that you wouldn’t have noticed on your own. You might also consider the dollar amount that your time is worth per hour. You may notice that using one of our tax professionals actually saves you money.
  • You can ensure your return will be correct and accurate. Our efficient tax professionals can reduce the number of errors on your tax return. The most common errors individuals make on their tax returns are simple math errors and forgetting to sign and date their tax returns. With the help of a tax professional, you can ensure your return will be correct.
  • You receive support from a professional in the event of an audit. Audits are usually rare, but if the IRS audits you and requests paperwork or other documentation you can’t locate, there’s no need to worry—your tax professional will have copies of your financial information. This can give you peace of mind because our professional team will be ready to help.

Here are some benefits we can offer businesses that use our tax preparation services:

  • We give you access to professional tax advice. Tax rules for small businesses are often complicated. You must qualify for most deductions or credits, and one of our professionals can help you figure out which deductions you qualify for and provide you with advice regarding certain tax issues.
  • Your return is less likely to have errors. Our tax professionals will decrease the chance of errors on your return. This can then decrease the chance of your business undergoing an audit.
  • We help your business avoid adverse consequences. Many of our tax preparers use software that can catch mistakes. Errors in your taxes can cost your business money if the IRS catches them. Most often, the penalty for making tax mistakes is a fine, so it’s better to avoid these consequences by relying on our team of experts.

Contact us today to begin your intricate tax preparation journey this upcoming year with Pasquesi Sheppard. We look forward to working with you and providing you with the best possible tax services.

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