Illinois Power of Attorney Instructions – IL-2848

The Illinois Power of Attorney Form IL-2848 is used for matters related to your Illinois taxes. Filing taxes can be confusing, and appointing someone to represent you may benefit you greatly. You must fill out Form IL-2848 correctly in order for the specified person to represent you before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). What do you need to know about the instructions for Illinois Power of Attorney Form IL-2848?

What Is Form IL-2848?

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The Illinois Power of Attorney form is filed to authorize a Power of Attorney (POA) to perform acts with the Illinois Department of Revenue on the taxpayer’s behalf. A POA is a legal, binding document that provides one person (attorney-in-fact or agent) the power to act on behalf of another person (principal) with either limited or broad authority to make legal decisions on the principal’s finances, property, or medical care. In most cases, for the taxpayer’s POA to discuss this confidential information, the Power of Attorney must be listed as a third-party designee on current year tax forms.

Two types of authority may be granted by filing Form IL-2848. Full authority can be designated and will grant the appointed Power of Attorney to act on your behalf in all tax matters. This full authority allows the Power of Attorney to perform any act that the taxpayer normally would perform themselves, including discussing confidential information regarding taxes. If your POA doesn’t need full access, there’s also a limited authority option. With limited authority, the Power of Attorney is allowed to act on the taxpayer’s behalf for particular tax needs for specific periods of time and certain duties.

Who Needs a Power of Attorney?

You need a Power of Attorney Form IL-2848 if you plan to use a tax preparer or tax practitioner. This form helps to protect the confidentiality of the tax information being filed and discussed. Form IL-2848 allows the appointed Power of Attorney to answer any questions, ask questions about your return on your behalf, and respond to notices regarding your tax information.

The following are some circumstances that may affect your taxes and your need for a form IL-2848:

  • You’ve had a change in your marital status.
  • You sold, started, or owned a business.
  • You are self-employed.
  • Your residence and source of income are not in the same country or state.
  • You had transactions related to trust funds, real estate, and capital assets.

How and When Should You Submit Form IL-2848?

You can file Form IL-2848 Power of Attorney at any time, and you can submit this form in various ways. The ways to submit a Form IL-2848 include:

  • Uploading as a PDF file to MyTax Illinois.
  • Attaching a PDF file to an email sent to [email protected]. Please keep in mind that information transmitted via email may not be secure.
  • Faxing to 217-782-4217 as single-page faxes. You’ll only receive a response if your form has been denied.
  • Mailing the form to the Illinois Department of Revenue at Power of Attorney Forms 3-252, PO BOX 19001, Springfield, IL 62794-9001.

You should not attach this form to your current year’s tax documents. If you have any questions about filing Form IL-2848, please reach out to a professional at Pasquesi Sheppard LLC and let us help you.

Can I Revoke a Power of Attorney?

Form IL-2848 is a legal document that gives the agent(s) power to perform certain acts with the Illinois Department of Revenue on the taxpayer’s behalf. There’s also the Illinois Revocation Power of Attorney form that may be used to revoke the Agent’s powers. To fill out the Revocation form, you’ll need the Principal’s information such as name, address with city, county, and state, and then the information for the power of attorneys being revoked. You’ll also need the Principal’s signature and a notary witness before filing the form.

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